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Tarot For The New Year or 2020 is Perfect Vision

Good morning my friends, a new day is dawning. It’s the first morning of a new year, there’s black eyed peas and greens cooking on the stove and bowl games on the TV in the den. The ink is not yet dry on this years resolutions and the world is collectively waking up from its hangover, stepping over brightly colored bits of confetti and half finished bottles of champagne to go take its first piss of the new year. But something’s different, it’s almost as if there was a shift in the night, in the luminal space between 19 and 20. Today we wake up in a new decade, in the roaring 20’s, and what we are being asked to show up for at this time is perhaps bigger and more important than ever before. “But what could that be?” You ask. I don’t have a freakin clue, but fortunately I have a divination practice which might shed some light on what is going on. The card I pulled this morning over coffee and several covers of auld lang syne was JUSTICE and immediately this image resonated with me on a deep soul level. It took me well into my second cup of coffee and halfway through ABBA’s greatest hits to put this feeling to words. So let me lay it on you right here.

2020 is perfect vision and no matter what, Justice sees clearly. She see through all the bullshit all the talking, all the smoke and mirrors, she see what really is. Stepping into this year, into this decade, into this galaxy of the future I think it’s going to be super important that we sharpen our vision, and strengthen our connection with our intuition. For too long we have just bought the snake oil that power hungry carpet baggers have been selling about how we need to give our power away so some d-bag can protect and provide for us. Justice looks down and notices she has a sword in her left hand. Fuck all that she says and cuts through the bullshit to get back to what really is. What she is left with is the fundamental principles of the universe. What that is, is not survival of the fittest, that’s the nonsense that slick used car salesmen have been hocking to make themselves feel better about their bad behavior.

What Justice sees is love and fear. These two poles swirling and pulling at each other through out time and space. Love and fear shading every decision, every action, pulling us towards our true self or off of our path. Justice holds these two principles in the pans of her scale and weighs what is right for her. She sees clearly what is really going down and cuts away all the bullshit that has been wrapped around the truth to ensnare and entrap her. No more! With these tools Justice can be free and she can put her sphere in order and be right with the principles of the higher law, the only law that she obeys. And now these tools are yours, remember that you have them, use them wisely, and have a happy New Year.

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