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About My Practice

I came to the practice of Tarot reading in 2014 when I quit drinking. I found that the Tarot helped me to have broader context with which to understand life and my place in it. It gave me a new perspective from which I could develop an awareness of my emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. This practice helped me to connect with myself and to come to a better understanding of my life path. Through working with the Tarot I became dedicated to helping others to become empowered and to make the positive changes that they desire.


The Tarot is a symbolic language and system of story telling that can help provide a broader perspective on our lives. It can help us navigate difficult choices, challenging life events and personal growth from an informed and grounded place. It does not predict the future because the future does not exist yet, rather we are writing that story with every step we take, and every decision we make. The purpose of the Tarot is not to see beyond but to look within and to have a better understanding of our past so that we can make make informed decisions in the present to help create the lives that we want to live. Through the lens of the Tarot we can begin to see the programming that has shaped our reactions and be able to look objectively at situations as they unfold. From this place of understanding we can work to release habituated patterns and start to make empowered choices that help us to have a sense of agency in our lives. This is the magick of the Tarot.


To help inform my Tarot practice I am engaged in the study of several other healing modalities. I am a certified Integrated Hypnosis Coach as well as a level II Reiki practitioner. I have completed level 1 of the Steven Forest Apprenticeship Program in evolutionary Astrology and I have completed a recovery coaching certification with Being True To You. My practice is a synthesis of these disciplines and is informed by principles of mindfulness and the structures of Magick. I strive to provide a space for transformation that can open people to agency and increased understanding in their lives. My goal is to help people to develop the tools that they need to  actualize the lives they want to live, whatever that might look like to them.

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