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     I believe that New Age is played out. I believe in a New, New Age, a Post Age with no gurus and no masters where people are finding their own way and helping each other along. With Talismans made from thrift store trinkets and an Athame made from a railroad spike, I believe we can conjure a better future.


I believe that there is very little difference between Art and Magick; you work with what you got to breathe meaning into life.

I believe that punk rock is not dead, “it’s just sleeping.” I believe the models that we have been given are bankrupt and it is up to us to create the world we want to live in.


I believe that we all have the capacity to do Magick just our parents lied to us and school beat it out of us. I believe capitalism is a hex, so is poverty and regret, but somehow love saves the day. I believe that we are all beams of light that get more dense as we touch the earth.  I believe that we are just whirling masses of electrons that are all stuck in our own heads, and that googly eyes are the windows to the soul of what ever you put them on.


I believe that god is not a man; it’s just a word. I believe that there is a spirit that makes the world hum, that lives inside of me, as it does inside of you. And that life on earth is about carrying on the work of creation whatever that needs to looks like.  I believe that real Magick is the power to change ones mood and to recognize each moment as something singular and unique, teetering on the edge of history, being whipped by the winds of time.

With each in-breath the world is created…


…with each out-breath the world dies. 


The magician looks behind the veil and beckons others to enter, with perfect love and perfect courage, not for their own gain, but because we are all in this together. I believe that no one can combat the darkness by fighting it with a stick; the only way to remove darkness is to kindle a light.  So let’s break out the matches and gasoline and have ourselves a time.

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