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JUSTICE or Don't Tell Lies About Me in the Presence of the Gods

#soultarotchallenge Day 9: A message from my mind- Today I’m using the Carnival at the End of the World Tarot by @feldermausworkshop and what shows up for me today is Justice. But why is my mind trying to snap chat me about this? What does it all mean!? On this version of Justice there is a depiction of Anubis checking out the weight differential between a human heart and a feather. I dig out my copy of the Egyptian Book of the Dead that I scavenged from an occultists room in the wreckage of a New Orleans house fire last year. It turns out it’s the goddess Ma’at who takes care of the weighing of the heart. She is presides over concepts like truth, balance, and universal law. It is her feather which is the standard measure against which all hearts are judged. I start to think about the weight of a human heart. According to the internet it’s the size of a clenched fist and weighs about the same as a can of Campbell’s soup. I wonder how that stacks up to a peacock feather plucked from the hair of an ancient goddess. And does it change if it’s tomato soup or chunky vegetable? Perhaps that would be enough to tip the scales this way or that. Perhaps this is what my mind has for me today, tables of weights and measures, on this side something forgettable and ephemeral and on the other something eternal. And in between is only me, a Goddess and her jackal faced boss. I believed that this only happened when you die, but in contemplating it, I feel like it happens every day when I take the dog for a walk or if I’m left alone for too long. I slip into the default mode network and begin to review all my interactions for as far back as I can recall. And judgement lays it’s cold hand on my shoulder holding me to exacting standards developed sometime around the reformation. When really the core of this card is a desire for clarity. When justice is done correctly we see through the nonsense and understand the value of what we are presented with and what we hold. It’s funny because the Egyptians found no use for the brain at all and discarded it immediately. Justice wasn’t interested in our thoughts at all but only in our hearts; she only cares what we hold in the core of our being, and what we pushed through our veins. And when we meet Ma’at’s all seeing eye and feel the tickle of her feather against our chest, it might be good to remember the closing of chapter 30 of the book of the dead which is not only a spell for protection after death but it’s also a prayer to our harts each day of our lives: “Do not tell lies about me in the presence of the gods.”

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