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2 OF S-WORDS or How I Quit Looking For My Lost Container of Salt

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

IMBOLIC or What is blossoming in me at this time? Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. I was going to take a longer retirement, but I could never turn down a challenge. A big thanks to @wildsoulhealing for putting on this #tarotchallenge I was getting bored of my vacation anyway. So without further adieu Happy Imbolic I know that it probably doesn’t feel like it but today is the beginning of Pagan spring. So what’s blossoming in me right now is the II OF S-WORDS. And I’m like “that’s not what I want to be blossoming!” And then I’m like “that’s not how the tarot works bro.” It gives you what you need not what you think you want. And I grumble a bit and let down my eye shade to maybe see a bit more clearly what’s going on with this. So I got a place for the first time in about a year and a half, and I’m trying not to be on my phone or having to worry about where I’m going to sleep every night. Maybe this card talks about the space that I’m starting to make for myself. The boundaries I’m creating by crossing my arms and listening to myself. And I know that this is temporary, but it’s a start, two swords is not four walls but it does give me some room to be in my practice(s) and to listen to the High Priestess style voice of the deep. Maybe one thing that comes up is needing to create some better boundaries around my time and what I’m doing to make sure I get all my books read and a website built and still have time to give #tarotreadings and commune with THE STUFF. And maybe there is an element of letting go of the past and doing the work of cutting the last cords of a history that doesn’t serve me anymore. My boy Chiron is hanging out at the 29th degree on Pisces wrapping up his 51 year hobble around the zodiac and it seems like a good time to finish patching the old wounds and letting go of old pains before he moves back into Aries and the cycle begins again. And maybe that’s really what’s blooming for me, this cutting of cords and the releasing of old narratives so that I can emerge into a newer version of me in the next phase of life when the snow melts and the ground becomes soft again. Until next time my friends, happy early spring. Set a place for St. Bridget if you want and turn on all the lights in your place to welcome the light back to the world (which is my favorite witchy custom) And I’ll see you tomorrow for another really exciting edition of #campwizardcamp

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