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TAROT FOR THE WEEK OF JANUARY 27th THE 3 OF COINS: or How to Build a Better Boat in Your Basement


This week, as we emerge from the potentially disruptive space of the Aquarius new moon, we are presented with the opportunity to build something fresh. I’m talking about making something new, yes, but also about building something fresh, like dope, like crazy-stupid-cool. The 3 of coins connects us with our creative potential and our ability to forge our own path down the road less traveled by. It asks us to to think about our work in the world, which is a theme that’s been coming up over and over again in the first few weeks of this new decade.

While the existential question of “what am I here for?” Has been on the mind of the individual and the tip of the philosophers quill since the first humanoid ape creature danced around a monolith waving a bone and pounding out the theme to 2001- A Space Odyssey; I feel like now there is an immediacy that is giving this question a new importance. In true, forward thinking Aquarius fashion, that question begins to morph from the old, “what am I here for?” To “How can we create something better?” This is an interesting shift from the old narrative of “me against the world” to “we’re all in this together”

The 3 of coins is all about joining forces to create something bigger, better and more badass than anyone of us could do on our own. This is where we let go of our individual need to have our personal genius recognized so that we can actualize something truly beautiful. This card refers to a sort of alchemy that occurs where 1+1=3 and the whole is more then it’s parts. The act of procreation is an example of this alchemical math but so is any other creative endeavor. And when we connect with other like minded individuals we can accomplish something more the what we could ever hope to achieve on our own.

Lastly, I have a sense that this card is about building the interior structure of the Tower. I believe that we spend our lives building and rebuilding Towers on individual and collective levels. Usually through self-centeredness and mis-management the towers crumble, as towers tend to do. Each time we get the opportunity to do it a little different, and a little better. Now these 3 visionary individuals have come together to recast the foundations and build something more suitable, more sustainable on the sight where a goddamn architectural monstrosity once stood. Inherent in this processes is the wisdom that the work to make a great work begins at the bottom, in the earth, at the level of the foundation. This card asks us to examine our own baseline, and the places that we are coming from so that we can bring our authentic “A-Game” to the creative process, the collective experience and to the task ahead. If we are going to build up, we have to root down, and if we are going to expand out we also should look within. And with that, wizard campers, I wish you luck with your work in the world.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to holler at yer wizard. Also if you want some more tools or info you can join my Patreon where I’m posting things to help us all navigate this process of growth.

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