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THIS WEEK IN SPACE! 05/18/20 - 05/25/20

On Wednesday the Sun enters Gemini kicking off Gemini season, and intensifying the energy stacking up in the quick witted and very talkative sign of the twins. With the Sun joining Venus, Mercury and the North Node here we are going to see even more emphasis on information, communication and the stories we are telling ourselves. And as we moe through Gemini season it is going to be important to pay attention to the information we are gathering from our immediate environment, and this does not just mean your phone, this means noticing the data that we are surround by, it means noticing the breath, how things feel to the touch, the temperature of the air. It means listening to other people, because even though Gemini is all keyed up and just wants to talk and talk and talk and… communication is a two way street and listening to what others are saying is vital for actual communication to function and flow. It also means listening to your body and the sounds all around you, just noticing them and noting them without judgement.

Also on Wednesday we are getting Venus’ second of three squares to Neptune. The first one was on May 3rd, and the last one will be coming on July 27th right before Venus leaves her retrograde shadow. Its important to note that Venus’ entire retrograde journey is characterized by this hard aspect to Neptune. This complex relationship is going to be tightened on Fridays new moon when Mercury joins the mix. With Neptune in square to Venus we are being plunged deep into the dream. This combo is great for projection, fantasy and imagination. On the positive side this can help us in our underworld quest by using our imagination to conjure the best path through the trials and tribulations of this shadow adventure. We can also use Neptune’s’ spiritual powers to help us access our personal magick as we enter the underworld and it can help us envision the world that we want to emerge into on the other end. However, the downside of this transit is a tendency to live in fantasy and illusion. It can make us want to spiritually bypass the hard shadow work or just check out all together. Its really important to remember that this Neptune square is going to be with Venus the entire retrograde, so we have to be vigilant and conscious of the illusions we are conjuring and how we are wanting to turn our heads away from the reality of the moment. Venus also represents our relationships and values, while Neptune dissolves boundaries or at the very least it makes those boundary lines wicked fuzzy. So during this square, and through out Venus’ entire retrograde we are going to want to keep checking in with our boundaries and our values. We want to stay conscious about what is ours and what belongs to other people. This is going to look different for all of us depending on where Venus is retrograde in your personal chart but issues around codependency might arise or setting limits with works, with friends or with yourself all might be key pieces to work on during this retrograde process. One clue as to how to navigate this period is to look back to May - June of 2012 and or 2004 (if you can remember that far back) because those were the last times Venus was Rx in Gemini.

Friday 05/22: New Moon in Gemini & Mercury in Gemini Conjuncts Venus Rx in Gemini & Sun in Gemini trines Saturn Rx in Aquarius & Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces

Friday is the new moon at 2* Gemini. This lunation is being trined by Saturn, now in retrograde in Aquarius. We are also getting a Mercury and Venus conjunction which is being squared by Neptune. This sets up two very distinct themes for this new moon. On one had we have the Moon, Sun conjunction (which is what a new moon is) which is being supported by Saturn. This is helping us to show up for our responsibilities, and to really follow through with our ideas and our plans. Saturn helps us to do the hard thing that we don’t want to do. It helps us to have patience and to delay gratification. I think that this is pretty interesting as states are starting to open up one by one, and people, who have been climbing the walls in their quarantine zones are ready to break free and go buck wild. But Saturn is there being like: “is that really what you want to do?” I have this idea that the new moon in Gemini is like a weather balloon all loaded up with instruments to collect data from the stratosphere and Saturn is the anchor that we tether this balloon to. It is important to think about what that is going to be, what is the structure that we are going to tie off to so that we can gather the information that can feed and sustain our hungry Gemini mind. If that anchor is not stable we could lose our balloon loaded with really expensive and hard to replace equipment. But if it is too rigid maybe we are not going to be able to get enough distance to have perspective and record accurate readings. Lastly we don’t want to get tangled in our tether and caught up in this position forever, we just want to select something sturdy to hold to so we can be light, curious and inquisitive.

This brings us to the Mercury, Venus conjunction in square to Neptune. Like I talked about in the preceding paragraph, the danger of this Neptune, Venus and now Mercury square is just wanting to check out and to disassociate either into fantasy, into a story or into indulgence. Its so easy to be like, “This is uncomfortable, I don’t want to be here.” and just zone out into space and miss all the good stuff. One of the words that comes up for me with this transit is hope, which is a word associated with inspiration and perseverance, but remember hope is a four letter word. Check it out, hope is fucked up because when we are hoping we are not being present. If we are hoping then we are not accepting this moment for what it is, we are wishing it would be something different. Hope keeps us from being here and now because it keeps us wanting it to be different then it actually is. I don’t want to be a buzz kill or a wet blanket but its an interesting thing to think on as we move through this lunation.

Another thing that might come up at this time is confusion and illusion. Where Mercury is our cognitive function, Neptune is a fog and at this new moon we are moving into a space that might feel ungrounded because we are not going to have enough information to really understand whats going on. One would think that we would be used to this by now, but its still really disconcerting. The thing about the human mind is that it takes whatever scraps of information it can gather from newspaper clippings, movies that it saw once and snippets of conversations that it overheard and then jams them into a story and jumps to a conclusion. I don’t know if this is the best thing to be doing. And living in a quantum universe we we effect anything that we observe. Wherever we place our attention we are influencing. As we move into this muddy Neptunian space “the truth” becomes very unclear and it sees very much like people are able to construct their own truth depending on the facts they choose to observe. But consider this, it is true that the universe is made up of particle, and it is true that universe is made up of waves. It all depends on how you choose to look at the situation. Right now there may be no one true truth, right now there may multiple truths, there may be enough truths for everyone to have their own. Right now, there may just be information to observe. Let me offer this: we are living in the mystery, and part of living in the mystery is being oaky with the fact that it’s a mystery and that we can’t know whats going down because its not our place to know. If we accept this, perhaps we can lean into the unknowing of this moment an instead of trying to turn scraps into facts maybe we can just be alright with noticing the information we are receiving, cultivating a sense of curiosity about what is coming up and what we are taking in and allowing Saturn to help anchor us in this moment.

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