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CAPRICORN FULL MOON/ LUNAR ECLIPSE: Or "Don't let that baby drive the Chariot!"

This eclipse season has been pretty extra, and things are full on right now so I just want to say that if you are melting down and going through it you are in the right place.

Part of the reason everything feels so uncomfortable right now is because the old structures that held us are disintegrating. These structures are coming up from the subconscious and they are painful to look at. Further more, the new structures are not yet in place to hold us and carry us into the future. It’s kinda like you just took off all your clothes because they were filthy, uncomfortable and out of style. Now you are ready for your new wardrobe but it’s not ready for you, it’s still getting sewn. And all of a sudden it’s like that dream where you realize you are naked in the 7th grade lunch line. And that’s just where we’re at. But let’s look at the Tarot for some insight.

CARD 1: THE CHARIOT- Traditionally this card is connected with Cancer, the hard armored outer shell and the soft sensitive inside. Again, this is the place where we are changing our shell and our vulnerability is coming to the surface. Be there, breathe into it, make yourself the boundaries that you need so that you can be safe enough to be vulnerable, and safe enough to grow. This card is also about us going beyond the safety of our old framework into the wilderness. That’s scary AF but remember the #Chariot is a boss and a spiritual warrior and this card reminds us that we are being guided.


As the old structures unravel more of our subconscious programming becomes revealed. One thing that keeps coming up is how do we care for ourselves on both a physical

and emotional level? There is a lot of inner child stuff that is present right now, and we are being asked to do some reparenting and be our own best caregivers. Here the queen of coins steps in as our ideal mother. When little us is freaking out she pulls the Chariot to the side of the road being like “do you need a snack? Do you need to poop? Do you need a nap?” She is checking in on the little us who needs to be seen and held and cared for right now.

Little us is not capable of driving the Chariot btw (see the story of Phaethon if you don’t believe me) so it is important that we are developing healthy boundaries for ourselves and our little inner selves as we are figuring out how to get where we are going.


This card is literally like, “yeah we don’t know where this is going, ask again later.” And you are left standing there naked in your 7th grade lunch line on #pizza day being like WTF. There are all these possibilities out there but what is right for you? I know these old structures were bullshit but what is going to be the new container for you to grow into? While we are all excited to be getting dressed in our new clothes, what’s really important right now is purging all of the old narratives that separated us from ourselves. It is only from a place of genuine authenticity that we are going to be able to construct a new myth for ourselves that really serves us moving forward. Think about that, dream on it, care for yourself, care for each other and just be patient, if you take a moment to look around you’ll notice we are all just as naked and scared as you.

I know that this Eclipse portal has been difficult but just hang in there, we are growing, and growing sucks but we are going to be much happier when we have made it through and are sporting our new style. I guarantee you. And

If you happen to be keeping it together right now, much respect. If you have the bandwidth for it, check in on your friends, see if they are doing alright. And every one out there, it’s still Cancer season (which feels endless) so make sure self care is a top priority, eat good food, cry a lot, watch stranger things in the bath, do what you gotta do to take good care of yourself.

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