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FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS or How to shoot arrows at your emotions

There has been a lot coming up this Gemini season, a lot of information, a lot of things that need to be communicated, and a lot of wind when all we really need is some air to breathe. This Full moon in Sagittarius (the handsomest of all the signs) might give us that wide angle, birds eye view, to illuminate the bigger truth of what we are working with. This greater perspective can help us see the puzzle in context and help to make the pieces fit. To help with that let’s look at some of the other aspects that are happening through the lens of the Tarot


This is a safe place, a walled garden where we can be present with what is going on. And if challenging things arise, this card is a reminder to recognize the joy in what is around you and to cultivate gratitude for what you have and the work you have done to get here. At the same time examine that dream you are dreaming, with that Sag / Neptune square there is a tendency to cling tightly to our belief system, maybe it doesn’t suit your future self, just take a moment and check in with future you and see what they need you to do at this time. This is an opportunity to collect and sort all that Gemini info and maybe arrive at a deeper understanding of what’s really going on. Here we can be with ourselves and our vision and to ground into that on some stable footing before the onset of eclipse season shakes shit up for real.


Literally the Gemini twins right here asking us to hold and balance all the information that’s coming up as those rascally twins make us double our fun. There is a difficult opposition happening with Mars and Mercury in Cancer facing off against Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. This is bringing up really deep emotional information that we are being asked to sit with at this time. It’s grueling I know but Mars in Cancer needs us to be brave. It is the emotional warrior who can go sit in that uncomfortable place. Mercury, the messenger, is helping us to gain emotional intelligence, and to learn to communicate our feelings. Men have been socialized for millennia to ignore their feelings which is a root cause of toxic masculinity. Similarly women are told they are either too emotional, and gaslighted into thinking they are hysterical, or that they need to be more stoic. Right now we need to have the courage to go within and sit with our emotions and be able to communicate our feelings to ourselves and others in a safe way. We need to be courageous and be able to say to ourselves that least “I don’t understand, but this is where I’m at right now and I know also that will change.” Having the bravery to be with our feelings and developing emotional intelligence is one way to dismantle the patriarchy.


This card talks about adventure, but with Jupiter in retrograde in a loose conjunction to this moon that adventure is going to be an internal one. Here our heroes journey is taking us on a quest inside ourselves to get in touch with the feels that are brewing deep within. We get this opportunity to develop a connection with our emotions so that they don’t just run the show. Sometimes it is hard to understand what we are feeling, but right now it’s important to just be here, and be present, and be with what is, instead of trying to check out, get drunk, have sex, go shopping, look at your phone or all of the above all at once. That actually sounds like an awesome day, but it’s important to do things out of joy and not out of avoidance, so just be aware of that. Now is maybe not the best time to go on a frenzied Ab-Fab style romp, and a much better time to be in a Bob Ross experiencing of noticing.

Under the light of this lunation here are some questions to contemplate. How can we best show up for ourselves and be able to witness our internal processes with out fear or judgement? How can we let go of old belief systems that no longer serve us to make space for what is slowly emerging from the deep? And how can we best go on this quest into ourselves and return as the heroes we were born to be?

Have a happy and safe full moon and I will see you at the new moon in Cancer for the thrilling start of eclipse season. Till then, be present, be with what is, and keep being awesome.

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