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This Full Moon has the potential to dredge up some intense business since it’s happening on the Taurus / Scorpio axis. This polarity talks about the tangible and the invisible, having and wanting, living and dying and we are suspended somewhere in the middle, just trying to find a sense of stability in a crazy world while clinging to a rock hurtling through space at about 1,000 mph.

One of the ways in which this lunation might be manifesting is in the renewed debate over abortion rights. Some men seem to have an intense jealousy over the fact that women have powerful reproductive abilities and are trying to claim ownership over how women can use their bodies. That’s that “I have,” vs “you have and I want it” dichotomy. This is a dark Scorpionic power trip that has a segment of the population (men) trying to control and manipulate people’s sex lives and straight up magical ability to reproduce. This might be because most men can’t comprehend that women have a portal in their bodies that connects them to the heart of the universe and they find that super threatening. So much so that they are trying to legislate how women can use their bodies.

Meanwhile, The sun in Taurus seeks stability comfort and simplicity. It desires to watch game of thrones, eat pizza and forget about the complexities of reproductive rights when life begins or trade wars with foreign lands.

Taurus wants to possess that which the ego finds comforting or enchanting. We have this ego conscious of “I have” where as the moon in Scorpio is illuminating something hidden in the psyche, a deeper understanding of existence that says we can never “have” we can only hope to belong.

This tension is personified by our first Tarot card: THE 2 OF WANDS which represents that polarity between the part of us that seeks to possess and the intrinsic knowing that tells us that everything will turn to dust in our clutches. This card is talked about as Alexander The Greats depression after conquering the known world. It is the understanding that the cup is already broken and while comfort is not an illusion continual stability is. Shit happens, things change, Venus conjunct Uranus and a bolt of lightning shatters your favorite coffee mug.

CARD 2 -THE 5 OF WANDS: This recognition of the impermanence of things might be a little uncomfortable and it even might make us a bit antagonistic. Mars just moved into cancer which is incredibly uncomfortable for everyone because its passive aggressive and just plain awkward. But it’s supported by a helpful sextile from Venus and Uranus who are like “change is inevitable, just roll with it bro.” Mars what’s to just lash out with its crab claw and pout in its shell. Here it’s important to be brave with your emotions. When you come up against some opposition don’t withdraw and pout but have the strength to be present with your feelings and the courage to feel into yer feels. Conflict is totally natural but we definitely don’t need to perpetuate it. We can utilize our experience of inner and outer conflict to help refine our desire and not just have a freak out because what we thought we wanted turned to sand in our clutches.

CARD 3- THE 6 CUPS: In conclusion, keep it simple stupid. Scorpio the invisible god of sex death and the occult looks at a thing and is like, “everything is so complicated.” Taurus, on the other hand looks a the same thing and remarks, “it’s all so simple.” How can we reduce what we are working with to its simplest form? How can we appreciate the objects that we encounter without becoming mired in attachment? Sometimes this means connecting back to our child mind and the dream that we dreamed of the world in our youth. But it’s important to remember to not get stuck in the childish notion of how we think it’s supposed to be. It is important to try and fulfill our fantasies in healthy adult ways and not become obstinate or entitled in bratty childish ways. Just think about how you can reduce the noise so you can here the music and enjoy what you have while it’s here and allow it to help you move forward.

That’s all for now, I hope y’all have a happy and safe Full Moon, don’t get caught up in the dumb shit, enjoy what you got around you, let go of whatever nonsense is holding you back and lets be kind to one another even in the face of great ignorance. May the force be with you good people. I’ll see y’all on the flip side for another exciting addition of Camp-Wizard-Camp

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