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MERCURY IN GATORADE or "Once more unto the breach dear friends. Once more."

WIZARD PSA Mercury in Gatorade!

By the time you read this, Mercury will be in Gatorade. That’s right the non-binary planet of communication and information just stationed direct at 4:14 PST and will start retracing it’s steps all the way back to 23* of Cancer where it will station again in July 31st. So what does that mean for you? Well, let me tell you.


There was a lot that came up with this last eclipse and it’s been intense AF. I feel like I’m just starting to crawl out of the wreckage and now we have to retrace our steps into the emotional deep to retrieve the gold that got left there. Mars and #Mercury have been hanging tuff for a while now and they are about to part ways with a conjunction on the 8th. As they do Mercury realized they were not quite ready for the #limelight of #Leo and there is some emotional info that still needs to be integrated.

This brings us to CARD 2: STRENGTH- As the warrior and the psychopomp embrace and take their separate paths there is an exchange. Mars gives us the strength to go back into the emotional realm and to sit with what we find there. There is a lot coming up these days around what our limits are, what our roles should be and how we can best step into the beings we were meant to be. I see you, it’s wicked difficult. Mercury walks between the worlds and allows us to facilitate this conversation with our deeper self. With this conjunction there is going to be a tendency towards increased anger and self-riotousness. Try to take a few deep breaths before you react. This is a time to find balance and not to be impulsive. See if you can find the #strength to pause, sit with what comes up, and ask yourself what is at the root of this. You will thank me later.

CARD 3: 5 OF CUPS- We are still in eclipse season mind you, so there is still a ton of stuff downloading from the deep. Some of that info might not be what you wanted, it might be difficult, it might be heart breaking or make you feel like all is lost. But fear not wizard campers! Everything is not fucked. It’s important to turn around and remember that we have each other.

As Mercury swims back into Cancer over the next month and phones stop working, emails won’t send and we are again challenged to understand the language of our hearts, remember your friends are there for you, so love them and be good to them. Don’t put too much on anyone and do your part to help share the load. This is our opportunity to be honest with ourselves and to go back and retrieve the gold so that we may live a more full and rich life. No one said it would be easy but just remember, you love it, and we love you.

Thanks for tuning in and I’m available for Tarot, Astrology, and Coaching, to help provide some guidance and help get you through this.

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