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NEW MOON IN GEMINI or I wish I had an evil twin


With the new moon in Gemini we are talking about information, communication. This is the place to plant the seeds to cultivate theses characteristics more fully in your life. At the new moon the moon and sun conjunct and the moon soaks up the information from the sun like a sponge, which then it disseminates in a cooling mist of emotional information throughout its cycle. Here is the place where we get to ask for what we need around the themes of ideas and expression.

There is a lot of Neptune action happening in space and one thing that might be coming through is how to refine our dreams and let go of older dreams that may have been left out on the counter for too long and have gone a little sour. With this new moon in Gemini if we can sort through all the information flying around maybe we get the facts we need to really refine and focus in on our dreams. But don’t take my word for it...

THE KING OF CUPS: Here is Neptune on the shores of his kingdom the sea connecting with the endless ocean of interconnectedness. Here he is dreaming the dream of the world. He’s feeling the feels and conjuring imaginary realms where one day he might live, if he ever does anything about it in the 3-D world. At this moon Neptune ova-here is being sextiled by Saturn who brings a dose of reality to the endless dream and helps us to do what we don’t want to, to make our dreams real. He also squares Jupiter the planet of expansion which asks us to maybe rein it in a little and get focused on the dreams that are actually important at this time. Also, with this tension between Jupiter and Neptune there is a potential to take it a little too far so be careful when you imbibe, don't check out or get lost in the either, stay safe, stay sane and stay grounded.

5 OF WANDS (again) This card just keeps coming up for me. But I think it typifies the Gemini time. Opinions are like ass-holes, you know what I’m saying? With all the information that is coming in everyone is going to have some ideas of how it’s got to be, and how it’s supposed to be and what you should be doing with your life. You’re gunna experience some pushback, but that’s alright. A conversation can become a debate to help us refine our ideas but it doesn’t have to escalate into an argument. Healthy discussion is healthy and allow others to give you the information you need to help shape the shape of your dreams.


This is that ah-ha moment, when the channel is clear, when the idea comes through when you pick up the phone and voice on the other end of the line tells you that they need you to be at the corner of 6th Ave and W. 23rd st in 15 minuets and you drop everything and run. Judgement calls us into this moment in our life and asks us to be present. This is where the dream takes shape and all the hot winds of Gemini gust in through the open window and blow a piece of paper off your desk. “What’s that?” You think as you bend down to pick it up, you turn it over and notice something scrawled in your handwriting. You don’t remember writing this, you squint to make it out. As the words come into focus you realize that this is the formula for the next phase of your life. This is already happening on scales both large and small, in the back of your mind, on the other side of the veil.

Stay present, stay open and pay attention to the synchronicities as you move forward with one foot in the world and one foot in the dream. See y’all at the full moon and if no one has told you this today: I love you.

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