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NEW MOON IN LEO or You made it this far, you might as well be yourself

If you are reading this you have made it through the caldron of eclipse season. You deserve a medal or a spa day or something because that was kinda hellish. Now we are on the other side, a bit exhausted, a little ego bruised but still standing, and holding a different perhaps more accurate perspective on life. Take heart good people there is better Astro weather on the way beginning with this new moon in Leo which is all about creativity, experimentation, and play. Then Mercury goes direct right after, so things are looking up. But you don’t have to take my word for it, let’s see what the Tarot has to say.


#currentmood this eclipse season was gnarly, no joke. It revealed a lot of hard truth and dismantled a lot of structures, some of which I really relied on. Now in the aftermath we are left wandering the streets like the shell shocked survivors of an apocalypse sorting through the rubble for anything still useable. At least that’s one way of looking at it. This card talks about our perception of our current situation. How are we holding onto the losses that impoverish us? How are we clinging to our role as a victim? I’m not saying to just get over it and move on, that’s not the lesson from cancer season (so glad that’s over btw) I’m saying clinging to the narrative of “I was wronged” and “I’m never going to be happy” is not helping at this stage. Sometimes you just have to learn to accept the unacceptable, and see what resources are still available in this moment.


I know I said things were starting to look up, but hear me out. The Tower represents a shake up, a break down, a hard reset that puts us back on our path. The tower represents all the ways we were separated from ourselves and THE STUFF. Each decision you made that shifted you away from your higher self was a brick in the wall of the Tower. And now it’s come crumbling down. People lost their jobs, relationships fell apart, housing situations imploded, all of which give rise to rumination and obsessive thinking. Maybe those things weren’t the things you needed even though you might have really wanted them.

...Point is, we don’t have control over much of our lives, it sux but it’s true. The more we can surrender to our powerlessness the freer we become. When the Tower comes crashing down it brings us back to earth. Welcome back. It’s a beautiful day, be here now.


Victory is afoot! This is where we come together in community, pick up the pieces of our failed society, festoon ourselves with the colorful detritus we find and parade through the streets. This is where we tap into our creativity and celebrate our ability to make sense of the world through play. This card is about victory but the key is to be able to visualize that success. We can no longer hold ourselves in the impoverished position of the 5 of Coins the Tower took care of that and dismantled those narratives. But now what? Now we get creative, and we rebuild our worlds both big and small, and we do that knowing that we will succeed. We must be victorious at the outset so we can be victorious at the conclusion. The time is now, welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. Happy New Moon.

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