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TAROT FOR THE SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON: Here is your Tarot wisdom for the New Moon in the most awesome sign ever!

To set the stage, picture this: Venus, the smoking hot planet of love and beauty, and Jupiter the well endowed planet of luck and expansion are all conjunct and bumping uglies in the late degrees of Sagittarius. Meanwhile in another region of the sky, Mars the fiery god of passion and desire who has just moved into Scorpio (the sign of sex, death and the occult) is in a no hold bard grudge-match opposition to Uranus. Uranus is the weird one who is making plans for all out revolution in gentle earth sign of Taurus. They will stop at nothing to liberate you, even if you don’t really want that right now and you are quite happy with how things are going. What will happen? Let’s turn to the mystical oracle of the Tarot to find out!

CARD ONE: ACE OF CUPS- Right now, in my humble, wizarding opinion, we have a great opportunity for manifestation. Sagittarius is the archer and with some forethought, a lil inspiration and some good aim we can shoot our arrows at the outcomes we desire. With the New Moon at the early degrees of Sag. and Jupiter and Venus hooking up at the very end of the sign, there is this great opportunity to call in what you are hankering for as we move into the next cycle. Part of this is making a container big enough and strong enough to hold what you aspire towards.

CARD 2: THE 5 OF CUPS- One step in this process of calling in, is letting go of old shit that no longer serves you and that is not completely in line with the being that you are trying to become. This is where that Mars / Uranus opposition comes in. They battling it out all through your living room and in the melee 3 cups get kicked over. You are pissed because you really wanted those. Some of your guests are embarrassed so they leave. You feel like the whole night has been ruined, but let’s take a step back and look at this. First off those cups were probably poisoned and Uranus just saved you life and you now owe them a fruit basket. Secondly, you need to turn around and notice the the other 2 cups that are still standing. That’s what you are working with and they are who really have you back. You should thank them, be grateful for their support and not waste your valuable energy crying over spilled wine.

CARD 3: STRENGTH- There is a whole lot of shit going on in space, and as above, so is there a whole bunch of shit going down here on earth. Strength asks us to be present with what’s happening, and with what is coming up at this time. She asks us not to check out or run away. She asks us to be in touch with our animal instincts and to heed their call. And I’m not talking reptile brain fight or flight. I’m talking that deep intuitive earth wisdom that comes from the the guts and the heart and from our assentors or angles or whatever you want to call them. Strength has the power to stay the course and to follow the call. She has the power to make your dreams a reality, she has the will power to step into the future and retrieve the arrow of your desire, you just need to trust that part of you. Jupiter and Sagittarius are all about faith. Here you are being asked to have faith in yourself, your dreams and your own inner strength.

And if you are interested in understanding more of whats going down in space you can tune into the new episode of the Stallion and the Hare podcast that I just dropped with my amazing co-host @thehareinthemoon where we explain everything you need to know about this New Moon.

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