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TAROT FOR THE NEW MOON IN VIRGO or Could This Be Any More Perfect?


Welcome to your wizard report for the new moon in Virgo. Right now we have a plethora of personal planets stacked up in the early degrees of this earth sign. This is a time to reset a lot of things and do that inner work to develop a better outer reality. With Virgo, its about taking the little actions, day by day, moment by moment to construct a future that is in line with a world we want to inhabit. Here’s a little guidance from the #Tarot to help us with all that.


One thing to consider on this New Moon is that Virgo is an earth sign who is very ecologically and agriculturally minded. This is a good time to think about our place in the world and our contribution to whatever that place is. It’s important to look at the bigger picture of the world we live in and the impact that we as a species are having on our environment. It’s easy to feel lost in that big picture and feel like our actions either don’t matter or that we aren’t doing enough. It’s equally important to look at the small picture and see how we are caring for our habitat, our home, our body, our block, our side of the street. It’s a good time to step into our Star nature and make our own little corner of the world glow. Sometimes this is all we can do, and it’s important to remember that sometimes its enough. This is totally a revolutionary action that has an actual impact.


There is a shift occurring, the wheel is turning, in small ways, in big ways; things are happening. It’s back to school time, summer is turning into fall and Venus and Mars are conjunct, resetting their cycle. This is when we recalibrate our values and our drive to pursue them. A lot of this change comes back to the self, the body, the parts of your life you can actually control. How can you find your center and check in with your value structure? How can you release old outdated patterns and ground down into the reality you want to inhabit. Developing and implementing routines to help you structure the life you want to live will help you to have a hand in turning the wheel in your favor.


There is some quick moving action here. Uranus is in a trine to this New Moon and it might just reveal some crazy information to us all. Uranus desires our liberation and gets really agitated with confinement and claustrophobia. It pushes us to step out of the places where we are feeling trapped. Pay attention to this. As we go through this period of restructuring our inner reality things will become clear, doors will become unlocked, and when we are ready, we’ll be able to tear ass like a bat outta hell into a different situation brought on by the turning of the wheel.

Right now it’s important to remember that we are all the motherfucking Star here and it is our job to care for ourselves and our place in the world. From here we do our work one step at a time and that will allow for change to occur. There is big stuff happening in the world and we are doing the vital work right now to prepare ourselves to show up for it. I’m in your corner, I’ve got your back, stay focused, stay rad, and happy New Moon

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