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Tarot for the Spring Equinox

Hello there friends today we are talking about the Spring Equinox which is followed shortly by a full moon at the very early degrees of Libra. On The verbal equinox the sun rises directly on the equator, creating equal parts of day and night. This day of delicate balance marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and fall in the south. It is also the perfect time to balance an egg on its end. I’m not really sure how that works but I saw it in an episode of West Wing and now I’m kinda obsessed. Slightly more important is the fact that the spring equinox marks the beginning of the zodiacal year. Here the sun shifts from the amniotic fluid of Pisces and into the Window Water Baby Moving of Aries with the declaration of “Hello world!” Now the cycle begins again and we are propelled inexorably forward into a time of rebirth. The equinox is a great time to bring yourself into balance, with yourself, your environment, your community and to find a centered place that you can move forward from. And as we step off that razors edge between the light and the dark think about the intentions you want to set for this new season and what you want to grow towards in the is coming phase. To help illuminate this

I took the liberty of pulling some #Tarot cards for this cosmic time at the Spring Equinox Gym. What comes up first is:

QUEEN OF CUPS who is looking back into the past and who is filling her cup with all the wisdom she has gathered from this past year. She reminds us to take a little time to sit with our experience, where have you succeeded, where do you need to work a little harder or love a little deeper? Being able to have this emotional awareness around what we’ve experienced and where we are at will help provide the fuel to get us where we are trying to go. In this spread she represents the Pieces place that we are moving away from. She sits dreaming at the shores of the infinite ocean waiting for this Mercury Gatorade to retrieve the last messages from the deep mind; like the lost threads of a dream you can’t quite recall upon waking. It is from this place of universal Piscine consciousness that we draw inspiration help us move forward in the initiation of spring.

CARD 2: THE CHARIOT- The Chariot appears here as that push forward and outward. It is our ego conscious exclaiming “I am here!” The Chariot uses all that emotional information gathered by the Queen and moves forward into new territory. They burst forth through the soil into the sun light of their personal hero’s journey. As the sun shifts into Aries it meets up with my favorite planetoid #Chiron who is convalescing at 1*. In this conjunction on the first day of Spring we must examine what we need to heal before we can move forward. This meeting might serve as an initiation where the wounded healer helps to heal the scars of the worrier and in doing so illuminate the work we must do to shed harmful narratives and toxic beliefs. And the declaration of Aries changes to “I am here, to fix the ways that I have been harmed and to heal those places in my self and others”

CARD 3: THE STAR- This card shows us how to integrate these ideas of the Queen and the Chariot in order to get the most of the momentum of the moment. The Star reminds us to remember who we are and where we are at. As the world turns and the cycle shifts it is important to connect with our place in the world it. This goes for our bodies, our homes, our environment, whatever that might look like, and the space we inhabit. In which ways can we give back to this place and honor it in our daily practice? Also in which ways can you nurture yourself as you are emerging into this new season? What resources do you need to be who you need to be? This card also speaks about that Libra Full moon and this place of balance between the Piscen dream and the action oriented ego consciousness of Aries. The Star these holds these two energies on the razors edge between night and day and uses them to help her to shine bright. She follows her North Star to the place where she needs to be, to do the work she needs to do. And as the sun sets on the equinox as we balance our eggs on their tips we can look up at the stars beginning to emerge in the liminal space between night and day and we can ask for their direction and care as we move forward into this next exciting sequence of growth. And we can ask that we may shine as bright and be as fabulous so that someday we may too help to lead others on this path.

That’s all for me, happy spring everyone in the north and happy fall to my friends in the south. Good luck setting your intentions for this cycle I hope this helped and have fun trying to balance an egg. I’ll see you next time for another exciting edition of Camp Wizard Camp

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