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As I write this Pluto, the planet of transformation and Saturn, the planet of structure are one astro minuet away from a perfect conjunction in the sign of Capricorn. At this moment that begins and ands a 36 year cycle, what should arise? The #deathcard which may sound ominous and spooky but before you go building a panic room or stockpiling ammunition and MRE’s please here me out.

Death is not the end, that might sound cliché, but it’s true. It comes pretty much in the middle of the story arch of the #majorarcana and it’s like the big confrontation in the 2nd act where the protagonist gets real with themselves and begins the process of change; but it is no where near the end of the tail. So let’s take a moment, collect our breath, gather ourselves and face death.

Death in the Tarot is about the process of transformation, not necessarily about actual physical death. It is depicted as such because dying is probably the biggest transformation anyone will ever experience and unlike childbirth, marriage or divorce, we have absolutely no evidence of what comes after. Death is a doorway for us to transform from one state to another. So the question arises here, what needs to transform, and thus what needs to die?

I’ll leave you to chew on that for a moment while we zoom out into space to get a bit more context for this here quandary. At this moment in history we are experiencing a celestial meeting of #Pluto who is the lord of the underworld and #Saturn who is the Lord of karma. Pluto rules death and rebirth which are two sides of a coin which can be filed under #transformation its buddy Saturn rules structures and limits. I’ll put these in the category of habitual patterns. These patterns have been developed through learned experience, but they have also been passed down to us culturally and generationally. These patterns shape the way we view ourselves and the way we experience the world. They show up as self doubt, as inner criticism, as internalized misogyny and xenophobia among other ways.

In the big world these limiting patterns manifest as oppression, white supremacy, wealth inequality, and the list goes on and on. So what needs to change? What are the habitual patterns that we are ready to transform in ourselves and in society? And really, what are we offering up to death?

This ain’t easy my friends this in centuries of programming moving down through the genetic code of all your traumatized ancestors to manifest as the being that is you reading this while you are waiting for your latte or for that webpage to load. What is important to remember is that as you face down the lord of death and confront all the fear that emerges like a dementor from the Ascaban of the subconscious, you are not alone. All of your guides and ancestors are standing with you, cheering you on and supporting you to make new choices that break the chains of inherited trauma and historical oppression. And as you look around, in the line at the coffee shop, or in your workplace, and as you scroll through your feed, you can recognize that there are others there with you, willing to engage in this work, ready to build a new future.

Death is not the end my friends it’s really just beginning. This is the start of a new cycle in which the ways power has been consolidated and corrupted are going to shift, and we get to be part of this change. All it takes is allowing old, broken systems of power to die and be laid to rest. It takes us calling back our power from all the places it’s been stolen and drained so we can build new structures to better serve our future. And it takes us showing up to face this transformation with love instead of fear, and really and truly that’s the best we can do.

As always, may the force be with you, and I’ll see you next week for another dose of your #wizardreport

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