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This week in space:

On August 7th the Sun trines Jupiter which has the potential to create a sense of personal expansion. its a good time to take up a little more space in yourself, and in your world. Check in with yourself and see where have you been making yourself too small, where are you not asking for enough in your life? Just notice that and try to expand a little more into those places. This is a good time to allow the sun to shine on you, maybe not the harsh sun at high noon, maybe try the early morning rays of the sunrise which marks a new day with all its possibility and potential. Soak that up, drink it in and let it energize you. This is a good time to allow yourself to feel happy, if not for the big things, then for the little things. Take some time to appreciate the generosity that life has provided you by giving you what you needed to get here. You can honer that and pay it forward by being generous with your time and resources, no joke, that will make the planets, smile.

The next day, August 8th we have Venus the planet of love and beauty, in a beneficial trine to Jupiter as well. This aspect will help us to expand our sense of love and beauty. This sensation will grow over the next several days as Venus moves into a conjunction with the sun on the 13th This is a good time to fall in love, and if you are already in love then its a good day to be in love. If you are not in that type of position right now, thats not a problem, its a great time to fall in love with yourself and treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated. And by that I mean treat yourself the way you want someone else to treat you. Take yourself out, and do something nice, its been a long hard summer and you deserve a little love and kindness. Go for a walk, and pick yourself some flowers, take yourself out to a nice dinner, go swimming, drink something cold and tasty. Live the good life just for a little bit, smile at a stranger, and go look at something beautiful, like a sunset, a piece of art or an old american automobile. And just for today, love yourself, love your life, and just allow things to be alright.

This is culminating with the sun conducting venus on the 13th which will have a positive effect on social and romantic interactions, so get dolled up and get out there. Its a great time to get dressed up, not for others but for yourself. Hang out with friends or that special someone. The connection of venus and the sun helps us to express ourselves through beauty, art and connection with other people. This is a great time see yourself as the beautiful being that you are and to let that light shine just a little brighter so other people can see it too.

On the 11th Mercury finally emerges once more from the wishy washy emotional waters of cancer and moves back into the sign of Leo. On this day Jupiter also stations direct and leaving its retrograde which began on April 10th. With the planet of expansion, and luck beginning to move forward once again, we can begin expanding our practices, our participation and the projects we put out in the world. Jupiter governs faith and travel especially in its how sign of Sagittarius, so if you need a little hope, this might be your time, and if you are getting itchy feet and want to explore distant lands this is maybe the right time to invest in a 1-way ticket to someplace distant.

And right after this on the 14th Mercury leaves its shadow phase. This means that it begins to cover new ground for the first time since it went retrograde back on the July 8th. The retrograde cycle is about going back, rethinking, redoing, even repairing. There is a special kind of wisdom that comes from retracing our steps and picking up the bits and things that we might have dropped or forgot about the first go round. Mercury had to go back through the emotional waters of cancer to really gain a new understanding of itself. Now, the messenger has hopefully tied up all the lose ends, dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s and is preparing to move forward into new territory in Leo, which is all about self expression, creativity and play. Hopefully we can integrate what we learned in this retrograde cycle so that we can step out into the sun with a better understanding of who we are and what we can share with the world.

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