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4 OF S-WORDS or Don't make me force you to chill out

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

#soultarotchallenge Day 16: A message from my guides: Today my guides show as the 4 OF S-WORDS with a resounding message of:

“you need to chill out.” And I’m like: “but I don’t want to!”

My guides are like: “don’t make us strike you down, because we’ll do it.”

I’m all: “Don’t hit me.” I cringe “I was just chilling, I just watched an entire season of supernatural what more do you want from me?”

Guides: “all through this tarot challenge you’ve been whining about how you are soul tired. We’ve pulled all these strings behind the veil to get you nice places to be, and good people to be around, we even got you decent internet and you can’t even sit still for more than a month. Do we need to inflict you with a disease to get you to relax?”

Me: “that would be mega gross, please don’t”

Guides: “we are running out of options over here. Grampy Jack thought we should brake your foot, we had to talk him off the ledge and get him to compromise on a case of the flue.”

Me: “Grampy! That’s messed up! The flue wouldn’t have stopped him, he would have skied right through that. Lung cancer almost didn’t stop him.”

Guides: “I know that’s why he insisted on breaking a bone.”

Me: “Jesus, can we not, please”

Guides: “up to you.”

Me: “ok I’ll try and slow down, I just get so bored and anxious about the future.”

Guides: “Here’s the thing, we’ve got a lot of agents doing a lot of work trying to shift things so that they line up just right so that you can step gracefully into your future, and we don’t need you screwing the pooch on this one because you got board and blew your wad.”

Me: “I don’t even know what you just said, where did you learn those phrases?”

Guides: “from watching American cinema, duh, and your uncle Eddy has been helping out, he says hi BTW. Anyway, the point is things are happening under the surface and we are really going to need you to work with us on this one.”

Me: “how so?”

Guides: “1st off, pay attention to your dreams and write them down, we don’t always have time to hold your hand, Your not a child, you can piece some basic symbols together and figure out what we are trying to say, it’s not the friggin DaVinci code over here. Secondly, and this is super important, we need you to create the conditions for inspiration to arise. And that is not going to happen by you forcing it. It happens by you being relaxed and well rested and tuned in, all things you can’t do when you are fried. 3rd you just need to chill out and let us do our work on your behalf and show up well rested, spiritually fit and ready to go when we give you the green light. Till then it’s reading books, drinking tea and low impact activities. And if you’ve got a problem with that we can just let Grampy Jack break your foot.” Me: ok, good talk, I think I’ll take a nap.

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