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4 OF CUPS or What am I missing here and why do all these cups suck?

#soultarotchallenge Day 28: What am I stepping into in March? Omg this is the end of the month, the end of this practice, this phase and tomorrow I’m moving into something new. According to the #tarot that looks like the 4 OF CUPS. This card always seems to appear at pivotal moments in my life being like: “Check it out! And amazing cloud hand is popping out with this totally awesome magick cloud cup for you.” I got a little foreshadowing of that in a pretty amazing reading I

8 of Coins or What I'm leaving behind in February

02/27/19 #soultarotchallenge Day 27: Q: What am I gratefully leaving behind in February? A: 8 OF COINS- the first thing that comes to mind is that I’m going to be really happy when this #tarotchallenge is done. It’s been really great doing this and I really appreciate the amazing response that I’ve gotten to this practice but wow, it’s a lot of work. I feel like doing this has revealed a lot for me about where I’m going and what I’m going through, but it’s definitely been int

5 OF S-WORDS or What Card Am I Gunna Get a Tattoo Of?

02/26/19 #soultarotchallenge Day 26: A card that I’m being invited to embody some aspect of. Or another way to think about it is, what card am I gunna get a tattoo of today? You know what comes up? 5 OF S-WORDS Ugh! This is quite possibly my least favorite card in the deck. I had a literal visceral reactions pulling this today. I don’t want to embody anyone in this card. I hate the stupid, smarmy sword hoarding victor person and the sad loser quitter people. Everyone in this

3 OF S-WORDS or Will some one plz get all this rusted metal out of my chest?

#soultarotchallenge Day 25: A fear that is ready to become an ally. Who’s it gunna be? Which one of you irrational fears wants to be my ally? And the winner is... 3 of S-WORDS. This actually dovetails nicely with Chirons ingress into Aries where the old wounds become the well placed solar lanterns that illuminate the path to healing. However, in this case the solar lanterns have been plunged into my heart and now I have irrational fears of getting close to anyone, LED lights

THE HANGED MAN or How can I be like 10% more present?

#soultarotchallenge Day 24: How can I become more intimate with my inner wildness? To answer this I pull THE HANGED MAN, and at first I don’t understand. How does this ultra receptive figure say anything about intimacy or wildness? Perhaps for me to get in touch with my wildness it looks like me saying put and being present. I was thinking about this recently when I was out in the nothingness of West Texas and I felt the desire to start smoking again. In that moment I just wa

Ace of S-words or I just got this new idea about how you need to get off my lawn

#soultarotchallenge Day 23: How can I strengthen my boundaries? What appears as an answer is the ACE OF S-WORDS. The first thing that comes to mind is that i can strengthened my boundaries by the threat of violence. I can grasp the Sword provided by this magical cloud hand of the spirit of the Tarot and threaten people with it if I feel like they are overstepping my boundaries. Nothing says “this is my personal space,” like waving a knife around wildly. With this Excalibur of

6 OF COINS or Can I be alright just to be who I am, where I am?

#soultarotchallenge Day 22: How can I love myself more unconditionally? Today we turn back to the tarot and the guidance I receive comes in the form of the 6 OF COINS. The easy answer here is to just judge that I am worthy enough give myself the love that I need. However, I think it might be more complicated than that. Perhaps my problem is not about loving myself more but about being able to receive that love unconditionally. The question that arises for me is how can I just

THE SNAKE or I have had it with these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday to Friday plane!

#soultarotchallenge Day 21: How can I deepen my self care? I turn to the #animalmedicineards deck by good homie @animalmedicinecards Let me just say that generally I stick pretty strictly to the #tarot and I’m kinda a traditionalist when it comes to my divination. Maybe it’s my Capricorn South Node but I usually don’t fux with Oracle decks. Yet this deck appeared in my life and I really like it even though I’m still figuring out how to speak animal. Nevertheless I holler into

THE STAR or Quick tips for turning on ones inner GPS

#soultarotchallenge Day 20: What card guides me back to my center? Today, to answer this question I turn to The Summer Tarot Deck by @tarotelectric and what shows up is THE STAR. This makes a lot of sense to me because The Star functions like an internal GPS system that helps us to orient towards our soul path. Just like the North Star helped to guide ancient mariners over vast oceans and long forgotten travelers on their journeys, The Star helps us to plot a course towards o

8 OF S-WORDS of Lord I was born a rambling man in a forest of S-words

#soultarotchallenge Day 19: What am I drawing into my life at this time? What comes up is the 8 OF S-WORDS. I don’t think I like this #tarotchallenge anymore. I don’t want to draw a stupid old mental prison into my life. You gotta understand, when the lord made me he made a rambling man. I don’t need any fences or bars holding me back. Private property is a theft! I want to be free to go where I please, when I please, don’t tread on me! There hasn’t been a prison made that ca

THE FOOL or How to walk off a cliff with style

#soultarotchallenge Day 17: How can I begin to expand my intuition? Today I'm using the Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by @spirit.speak and I find my answer in the form of a youth caring their belongings wrapped in a handkerchief and tied to a sick which they had slung over their shoulder. I found them out in the desert thumbing a ride down highway 90. I pulled to the shoulder, “where you going?” I asked, “that way,” they replied gesturing in the direction I was heading. “I’m going

4 OF S-WORDS or Don't make me force you to chill out

#soultarotchallenge Day 16: A message from my guides: Today my guides show as the 4 OF S-WORDS with a resounding message of: “you need to chill out.” And I’m like: “but I don’t want to!” My guides are like: “don’t make us strike you down, because we’ll do it.” I’m all: “Don’t hit me.” I cringe “I was just chilling, I just watched an entire season of supernatural what more do you want from me?” Guides: “all through this tarot challenge you’ve been whining about how you are sou

9 OF COINS or How to make haste slowly

#soultarotchallenge Day 15: A message from my inner elder: Today my inner elder comes in the form of the 9 OF COINS. They are like: “look at this abundance” and I’m like: “Where at? What do you mean?” They gesture out into the desert, “look at that.” “Look at what? There’s nothing there except mesquite and creosote.” “Yeah, it’s beautiful,” she replies. “Notice the subtle changes in the greens as the light shifts, notice how everything gets golden and comes to life, and how t

KING OF COINS or The psychedelic tail of a dinner with my inner caretaker

#soultarotchallenge Day 14: A message from my inner caretaker: Today my inner caretaker appears as the KING OF COINS from the Pagan Other Worlds Tarot by Uusi. And I’m like thank gawd for a little stability. The King shows up and is like: “You two quit squabbling and make nice.” Then he picks up the check. Me and my inner child quiet down. “I know y’all have had your troubles in the past but I would really appreciate it if we could have a little less bickering and a little mo

10 OF CUPS or

#soultarotchallenge Day 13: A message from my inner child: My inner child is like: “I’m sleepy can we please just take a nap?” And I feel bad because we can’t. "How about we have some coffee instead?" Inner me, who we’ll just call Lil’ J, makes a puke face and is like: “coffee is gross, and you know we’re not supposed to have that.” “Too late!” I cackle, downing the first mug of taupe colored diner coffee. I feel like Thor on the verge of a panic attack. “You’re gunna give u

THE KING OF STIX or It's good to be the king, except when it's hard to be the king

#soultarotchallenge Day 12: A message from my soul: Today we return to the Pagan Other Worlds Tarot by @uusidesignstudio which is one of my favorite decks to read with. What emerges from the AOL instant messenger of my soul is THE KING OF WANDS. This is an interesting card to come up right now with Mars conjunct Uranus in the late degrees Aries. There is some big fiery revolutionary stuff going on in space. And all this is opposite my natal Pluto which speaks perhaps to some

THE MOON or Welcome to the Haunted Sea Food Boil in My Heart

#soultarotchallenge Day 11: “A message from my heart.” Today I’m using one of my favorite Tarot decks ever, The Summer Tarot Deck by @tarotelectric and in this episode my heart refers me to The Moon, then it closes the door and shuts out the lights. I’m left there on the lawn staring slack jawed at a waxing sliver of a silver moon. “Um, excuse me, but what am I supposed to do with this?” My heart just draws the shades. “Great, I guess I’ll just have to figure this out on my o

THE 9 OF STYX or Why is My Everything Sore?

#soultarotchallenge Day 10: “A message from my body.” I’m returning today to The Carnival at the End of the World Tarot by @feldermausworkshop and what comes through is the 9 OF WANDS. I kinda grimace a little bit, hug myself and apologize to my body. Now that it’s winter and I’ve found a place to be for a while I’m starting to notice the toll that this last year has taken on me. And maybe it’s not just this year, maybe it’s this life. My body is like: “Bro you’ve kinda done

JUSTICE or Don't Tell Lies About Me in the Presence of the Gods

#soultarotchallenge Day 9: A message from my mind- Today I’m using the Carnival at the End of the World Tarot by @feldermausworkshop and what shows up for me today is Justice. But why is my mind trying to snap chat me about this? What does it all mean!? On this version of Justice there is a depiction of Anubis checking out the weight differential between a human heart and a feather. I dig out my copy of the Egyptian Book of the Dead that I scavenged from an occultists room in

THE PAGE OF CUPS or Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Get Away From Me Kid You Bother Me

#soultarotchallenge Day 8- Q: What card is showing up as a teacher at this time?- You know who shows up? This weird ked with a PAGE OF CUPS T-shurt. Must be some kinda band these keds ah into? So I hear this noise right, an at first I think it’s the wind but it turns out it was this little scamp composing lyric poetry under my window at like dawn. An I says to ‘em: “Hey ked whatcha doin out there?” The Page looks up at me with wistful eyes and replied: “I am learning peaceful

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