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THE ACE OF CUPS or The Water Feature that is the Cup that is the Heart

#soultarotchallenge Day 5- Q: What am I creating this month? First off I’d like to wish all y’all a Happy Chinese New Year and may the Earth Pig make you super abundant and happy. After my brush with Death and my narrow escape from its cold clutches I’m super stoked to be back here at the #Tarotchallenge where today I’m using the Apparition Tarot Deck by @spirit.speak . And it Looks like what I’m creating is the ACE OF CUPS and I’m like, “Hell yes! I’m feeling good, I’m looking good, I didn’t get took by a vaping reaper, everything’s coming up Space Wizard!” But before I go online shopping for designer clothes I re-read the question. Key word is “Creating” as in the work that I’m doing to produce the conditions for this Ace to emerge. I recognize that this is not something that is happening to me but something that I can call in. So I get to be creating this grail to contain the deep intuitive emotional liquids of life. I get to make it fit me right. It occurs to me this cup should be deep, that when it is dipped in the fountain of love that water should run all the way to the bottom, to the soles of my feet and the tips of my toes. It should run deeper than that, all the way into my past, healing the traumas and wounds of my ancestors. These loving waters should be able to collect there in the bottom of this cup that I am crafting and sooth the chains of ghosts and peptides that l am composed of. And these cup waters can keep rising washing over younger drug addict me washing the puke from his hair and the blood from his lip. It can dissolve the self hatred and resentment that kept me small and in pain. And little Jonah gets to get washed and washed away as the water level keeps rising. The cup that I’m creating this month is a deep well of self love and forgiveness. It’s as big as a cathedral and as wide as a barn. It contains all my experiences and everyone I’ve ever met and it can hold them all. The cup I’m creating runneth over and spills out into the world with cool pure ambrosia that can make even the desert bloom. If this vessel is crafted right I can nourish myself and the world and my cup will never run dry.

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