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THE FOOL or How to walk off a cliff with style

#soultarotchallenge Day 17: How can I begin to expand my intuition? Today I'm using the Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by @spirit.speak and I find my answer in the form of a youth caring their belongings wrapped in a handkerchief and tied to a sick which they had slung over their shoulder. I found them out in the desert thumbing a ride down highway 90. I pulled to the shoulder,

“where you going?” I asked,

“that way,” they replied gesturing in the direction I was heading.

“I’m going as far as you’ll take me.”

“Get in” I said and we accelerated out towards where the sun was starting to set.

“What are you doing out here?”

I asked noticing for the first time the kids faded garb that looked as if it has come from a woebegon era that modern progress had forgot.

“Well mista, I'm just kinda out here, I was hoping to catch a hot shot to the coast from that town up the way but the trains don’t stop there anymore, which is weird because the last time I came through here there was a crew change and a couple of bars...”

That’s strange, I thought, there hasn’t been a crew change there since the 70s.

“So where are you going?” I asked, the kid just smiled at me.

“I’m just traveling, I go where I please, or where I’m called. I just follow my path wherever it leads.” “How do you know where that is?” I asked.

“Because my intuition tells me.”

“And so you just follow your intuition wherever it tells you to go? That’s crazy, you don’t have a job, or a plan, you just go?”

Again the kid smiled at me, “yep that’s pretty much it, it’s like stepping off a ledge every day.”

“You must be some kinda fool to just live like that.”

“Ha,” the kid replied “that’s what they call me, THE FOOL. Seems like everyone in the world needs to be so sure of everything before they’ll do anything and that’s why intuition is disappearing. And everyone calls me T

he Fool because I live by my wits alone, I’m led by the impulses of my heart and I follow my feet wherever they may go. It’s the only way to live, to be one with the wind, to breathe in the sunset and exhale the sunrise. To sleep outside beneath a dome of stars with the the soft grasses as my pillow and the moon light as my blanket. It’s the only way to be.If you ask me, anyone who is not following their intuition and true calling is the real fool.”

I thought about that for a moment, “but what happens if your heat leads you astray or your feet walk you off a cliff?”

“Happens all the time,” they replied, “the trick about walking off a cliff is just don’t look down. You can pull over and let me off here.”

“What do you mean?” I pull over, “There’s nothing here?”

“Yeah there is,” they said “you just can’t hear it because you don’t trust your inner voice.” They grab their bindle and step from the car.

“Wait!” I said let me give you some money or something to help, and what do you mean about not looking down?”

“Just think of Bugs Bunny” was all I heard and when I looked up they were gone, as if they had just evaporated in the heat or been swept away by the wind.

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Dana R
Dana R

This iis a great post thanks

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