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THE KIGHT OF S-WORDS or How Can I Invite in Something I Can’t Even See?

#soultarotchallenge Day 6: What am I being invited to pay attention to? To glean the answer to this query I’m turning once more to the wisdom of the Apparition Tarot Deck by the talented @spiritspeak and the survey says... KNIGHT OF S-WORDS! Fantastic, I think? This means maybe there’s a new idea on the horizon or perhaps an AOL messenger meant for me that’s got caught up in the tubes of the internet since the late 90’s. Maybe I should check my voicemail for the first time since June. Nope, just as I suspected, it’s just 40 messages from my dad being like “so, Jones, it’s your father...” omg when’s this new idea gunna come? Maybe it’s in my email? Nope just 30 emails from Linkedin telling me that “15 people looked at my profile” I don’t have a Linkedin profile, I don’t even have an account I don’t know how to access it to tell them leave me alone.

Gawd when’s this instant messenger gunna show up, I’m so bored. I wish someone would text me. The winds been blowing for days here and I haven’t really been able to go outside for fear that I’ll be swept away, or a house will be dropped on me. I wish this new idea would just show up already I’m sick of listening to the wind chimes and the sound of the chaparral blowing. How am I ever gunna come up with a new idea when I can’t even hear myself think cuz the wind is all blowing around and crying Mary all the time?

I don’t even know how to invite a new idea in cuz when I open my door all my important papers get all blown around and books open to random pages and my paper dolls get all scattered. Now everything’s all rearranged in my room and I don’t know how to put it back. If a messenger was to show up now I would be so embarrassed at the state of things. All the letters that I cut out of magazines for collage got all scattered and they don’t make any sense now like this one I just found: UTOOOB what the that supposed to mean? Is that like a submarine? Total nonsense, how can I invite in something I can’t even see, that I don’t even understand? Gawd the tarot is so hard sometimes, I wish something would just show up and tell me what this new idea was so I could invite it in already. Anyway, I’ve got to go meet a new friend to talk about some project, I’ll get back at you tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have a kickass new idea to share with you by then.

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