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THE KING OF STIX or It's good to be the king, except when it's hard to be the king

#soultarotchallenge Day 12: A message from my soul: Today we return to the Pagan Other

Worlds Tarot by @uusidesignstudio which is one of my favorite decks to read with. What emerges from the AOL instant messenger of my soul is THE KING OF WANDS. This is an interesting card to come up right now with Mars conjunct Uranus in the late degrees Aries. There is some big fiery revolutionary stuff going on in space. And all this is opposite my natal Pluto which speaks perhaps to some big soul shifting tension. I think one of the beneficial functions of things like the Tarot and Astrology is as story telling devices. Just like ancient myth made sense of mysteries like the rising and setting of the sun, these practices provide explanations for our more slippery emotional states. They also provide solutions through the framework of gods and archetypes, and present us with ways we can best navigate our more difficult terrestrial experiences. For example, on a day like today where I’m experiencing some free floating anxiety and nebulous fear of the future I can check back in with this practice. I can be like:

“WFT is really going on here with planets in orbit, with these feelings that I’m experiencing that are too big for my body, and sometimes to big for this desert and even too big for the time I’m living in. Like sersly.”

And this message comes through from the soul that is like:

“it’s good to be the king!”

And I don’t really feel like a king today, I feel more like a weirdo who’s talking to themselves as they are TCBing some life stuff. And my soul is like:

“that’s what I’m talking about!”

“Who said that?”

I spin around and wave my arms. Gawd I hope no one is looking at me. Oh yeah this is the desert, there’s no one here. It is good to be the king. And my soul’s like:

“I wonder what it would be like to be 10% more present”

and I’m like: “gurl you crazy.”

And my souls like: “Am I?”

And the king of wands falls out of the deck and flips itself over.

“How the fuck did you do that?”

Soul: “don’t ask stupid questions, it’s like angel numbers just accept it. What I need from you is to continue to show up and keep cultivating this fire that you got going. Not like before when you showed up whiskey drunk and smashed up all the furniture in Asa’s house so you could throw it in the wood stove. We are looking for slightly more controlled, more focused, more regal. That’s what the times call for, time being what they are.

Me:“And what are these times?”

Soul: “Dark AF dawg don’t you watch the news?”

Me: “naw I read wizard books and Dune “

Soul: “What is needed is a good fire to function like a beacon to help the travelers on their way, so that the weary can warm their tired bones, dry their socks and cook their cans O’ beans upon. I need you to help cultivate that, to show up for that and collect some kindling and some desert stix to help it burn back the dark.”

Me:“you got all that from that card?”

Soul: “it’s my job, I tell stories so you can comprehend this convoluted hallucination that we call consensus reality. Your job is show up and play your role. And your role right now my king of wands is to drive to Palm

Springs and pick your housemate up from the airport. I’m glad we had this little talk. Now scram! Or your gunna be late."

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