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THE MOON or Welcome to the Haunted Sea Food Boil in My Heart

#soultarotchallenge Day 11: “A message from my heart.” Today I’m using one of my favorite Tarot decks ever, The Summer Tarot Deck by @tarotelectric and in this episode my heart refers me to The Moon, then it closes the door and shuts out the lights. I’m left there on the lawn staring slack jawed at a waxing sliver of a silver moon.

“Um, excuse me, but what am I supposed to do with this?” My heart just draws the shades.

“Great, I guess I’ll just have to figure this out on my own.” I step off the lawn into the street with no idea where I’m going. I find myself wandering in the dark on a road heading out of town spooked by shadows and ghosts, compelled by a glow in the shape of a fingernail and the color of a bone. It’s hard to trust anything in the half light of midnight. And all the howling of the wind and scraping of tree branches turns into phantoms of past betrayals and monsters concocted by my mind. And somewhere in the distance a dog begins to howl.

“This is just great, not only am I lost in the dark but now there is some kinda hell hound dog ghost on my trail, I knew I should have never gotten into this #TarotChallenge I should have just left well enough alone instead of getting locked out, and lost on this dark weird road.” I pass a street sign illuminated momentarily by a pair of passing headlights. It reads: ‘Dark night of the soul road.’

“This can’t be good,” I think to myself as I hear another blood curdling howl which kinda sounds like the names of all my failed relationships rolled into one long wail.

“Zoinks!” I exclaim, “This is just great, I’m lost out here on this spooky road Now there is some sort of monster after me.” I continue on, not quite knowing which way to go, just pulled along, as if I’m invisible threads by the glowing crescent of the moon. Eventually I come upon some sort of decretive water feature off in a haunted wood. Compelled by the moons reflection in the pool I notice a crawdad at the bottom of the water illuminated by the moon glow. I am strangely drawn to this enchanted crustacean. Something about how it’s cold hard shell protects it’s delicious buttery insides. I think about my Cancer N. Node. Gawd I wish I was back safe in the nurturing house of my heart having a sea food boil instead of wandering around on this haunted road being chased by banshies and ghosts. Just then they appear, howling at the edge of the clearing barring the way back to town.

“This is it” I think, “it curtains for me.” The ghost beasts begin to charge at me, snarling and howling and screeching about how I’ll never succeed or make it out of these woods alive. I say my prayers and shut my eyes, but in their frenzy the hell beasts didn’t notice the reflecting pool in front of me and they both tumble in. Just then the sun begins to rise and I notice in the growing half light that these weren’t spectators or ghost at all, they weren’t even hell hounds; it was just old Mr. Teague the developer from act one and his partner Ms. Shelton in ghost dog costumes.

“Crikies! What are you two doing here in my Wizard Repot ?” I exclaim.

“We were trying to scare you away so we could put up condos where your heart lived, that’s some primo real estate that’s just being wasted with your ‘feelings’ and ‘wizard intuitions’ what it needs is a coffee shop with very modern interior that sells $5 coffee and $9 juice where people can ‘co-work.’ And we would have succeeded too if wasn’t for you meddling kids!” Thus we conclude another chilling episode of Ultimate Tarot Challenge. We’ll let Josie and the pussycats take us out. I’ll see y’all tomorrow for another exciting episode of Camp Wizard Camp.

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