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THE QUEEN OF STIX or Yaaaas Queen, Get Lit!

#soultarotchallenge Day 2: “My Medicine For February” THE QUEEN OF WANDS- Yaaaasss Queen! I see her first as an artist. I see her as one who is intent on cultivating her passion, her creativity, and her fire. I see her as an Ill sorceress holding it down with her familiar. I see her being committed to this way of being, to this fire keeping, art making, and this magical existence. I’m like fuuuck that’s my meds right there. And I’m hold up in my room with the wind and the rain howling in the desert all around, wondering what the I’m doing with my life and the Queen whispers in the flame of my spell candle “you’re already doing it.” And I just got chills because when we’ve arrived we never remember minutiae of the journey, but when we are trekking and trudging that’s all we can see. The daily activities of getting from here to there with the minutes and hours slowly passing and the washing of dishes and brushing of teeth seems almost insurmountable sometimes; but when we get to where we’re going all that bullshit fades away into the life we find ourselves living. And that’s the Meds right there, being here now, and building the fire with each action. Being mindful with each key stroke and cup of tea that I am committing my self to kindling this inferno and living a magical existence. The great and powerful witch @oliviapepper once alluded to The Queen of Wands being a weaver which I think fits right in. I think about her weaving her reality on a loom made of sticks and wands with flax spun of fire. I see tapestries like the unicorns at the cloisters and Navajo Rugs, composed of invisible fibers and wrapped around my shoulders like a flag around the broad back of a victorious Stallone at the climax of Rocky IV. Spells cast and woven with words and precise moments of the hands like the magick of Earthsea as I kindle this small fire in my chest and in my guts in the rain of desert wind. And until tomorrow campers my the Force be with you.

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