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THE SNAKE or I have had it with these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday to Friday plane!

#soultarotchallenge Day 21: How can I deepen my self care? I turn to the #animalmedicineards deck by good homie @animalmedicinecards Let me just say that generally I stick pretty strictly to the #tarot and I’m kinda a traditionalist when it comes to my divination. Maybe it’s my Capricorn South Node but I usually don’t fux with Oracle decks. Yet this deck appeared in my life and I really like it even though I’m still figuring out how to speak animal. Nevertheless I holler into the void, I say: “oh void, oh mystery of mysteries send me a sign to help me find my way, and understand something about self care!” And the void hollers back in the shape of THE SNAKE and I’m like:

“snakes, I hate snakes, why does it always have to be snakes?” And the void just shrugs and goes on with its day.

“But snakes are so slimy, but somehow they are not slimy? And they are scaly and scary and the walk all weird and they move all strange. "I have had it with these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday to Friday plane!" why have you forsaken me void?!” There is just silence and the vast array of stars in the West Texas sky staring back at me.

“Void, you still there void?” Then I hear a voice that is more of a song that sounds a lot like this band @wildlifefreeway that I really love and the sound of the singing sounds a lot like a song about snakes and subsequently self-care.

It sings: “snake is the healer, transforming negative experience into healing energy.”

“Dig” I say, snapping my fingers. “What else do you have for me mysterious singing song?” I hear the sound of the wind like a guitar cord and the song continues:

“Gliding silently, smoothly, belly upon our Earth, Snake whispers that in order to survive you must grow...”

Oh snap, I have to shed my old skin, the one that’s gotten too small and constricting for the super amazing space wizard I’m about to become. But invisible singing voice, how do I do that? The angelic voice continues with its angelic song:

"...Experiences that seem to scratch you, bitter medicine, is what helps you out of your old skin”

“So I should roll in the dirt is what you are saying?”

I dive into a mesquite bush and begin to flop about.

“Ouch! This sucks, this is actually taking off my literal skin. I don’t think this is really self care.”

I hear a chuckle in the wind and the song begins again:

“Steer your thoughts. Wriggle free and give thanks so you can be renewed.”

“Hot-damn! A new me how exciting, I guess I ought to focus on shaking out of this old skin, and caring for the creature I’m about to become as it is developing and shedding. Either that, or I should take up snake handling...”

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