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THE STAR or Quick tips for turning on ones inner GPS

#soultarotchallenge Day 20: What card guides me back to my center? Today, to answer this question I turn to The Summer Tarot Deck by @tarotelectric and what shows up is THE STAR. This makes a lot of sense to me because The Star functions like an internal GPS system that helps us to orient towards our soul path. Just like the North Star helped to guide ancient mariners over vast oceans and long forgotten travelers on their journeys, The Star helps us to plot a course towards our destiny. The Star appears in my window and is tapping on the glass and pouring water out on my lawn. At first I’m freaked out because there is a naked celestial being just peering in through my bedroom window like some kinda angelic peeping Tom.

“Holy shit! What are you doing creeping in my window?!”

“It is I, The Star come to bring you back to center.”

I catch my breath “you nearly gave me a heart attack! What do you want?” I stammer.

“I want you to honor yourself and your place in the world, “She says in a voice like wind chimes.

“However, you are too concerned about how to think your way out of your mental prison that you are missing the whole point. I’m here to remind you that you are a Star, that you are made from Star dust and that if you check in with that place of intuitive knowing that we’ve been trying to teach you for the past 5 years you can orient your compass by my light.”

I sort of stare dumbfounded trying as hard as I can to maintain eye contact and not get caught gawking at this naked angel who just appeared at my window.

“Furthermore," she continues, "You can tune your inner light to the light that I shine, and you can use that combination to illuminate your soul map.”

“My what?” I ask.

“It’s like the path to your destiny,” she replies, “think of it like the trade winds that brings you to where you were born to be. You are so freaked out trying to figure out where you are supposed to be that you have forgotten where you are. You are like 10 steps ahead worrying about problems that don’t even exist yet and you’re missing the subtle pieces to the path like being here now.”

“Um, would you like to come inside?” I ask, “the neighbors might see you.”

“That’s alright, I don’t have anything to say to your neighbors, they have their own stars they can talk to if they wish. What’s more important is that you come back to your center.”

“Where is that?” I ask, She touches the middle of my chest with a long cold finger.

“It’s right here, it’s the memory and understanding that you are The Star. Although you don’t see it, although you think you don’t know it , you are on the path, you are doing the work and you are bringing a light into the world that will help others to travel in the dark.” And with that she was gone, leaving nothing but a large puddle in the yard and the sound of the neighbors dog barking in her wake.

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