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THE HERMIT or Why Am I Dressed All in Burlap and Where Have My Shoes Gone?

#soultarotchallenge Day 7- Q: What is showing up as a refuge for me? A: THE HERMIT- I think about The Hermit as being like The Fool that’s doing some hardcore adulting. Where The Fool starts out and is like: “Everything is so cool! I can just step off this cliff and just totally merge with how amazing life is and now I’m at this wicked cool festy and everything’s like so great!” The Hermit is more of a wizened jungle ninja who has done like 3 tours of duty already and is kind

THE KIGHT OF S-WORDS or How Can I Invite in Something I Can’t Even See?

#soultarotchallenge Day 6: What am I being invited to pay attention to? To glean the answer to this query I’m turning once more to the wisdom of the Apparition Tarot Deck by the talented @spiritspeak and the survey says... KNIGHT OF S-WORDS! Fantastic, I think? This means maybe there’s a new idea on the horizon or perhaps an AOL messenger meant for me that’s got caught up in the tubes of the internet since the late 90’s. Maybe I should check my voicemail for the first time si

THE ACE OF CUPS or The Water Feature that is the Cup that is the Heart

#soultarotchallenge Day 5- Q: What am I creating this month? First off I’d like to wish all y’all a Happy Chinese New Year and may the Earth Pig make you super abundant and happy. After my brush with Death and my narrow escape from its cold clutches I’m super stoked to be back here at the #Tarotchallenge where today I’m using the Apparition Tarot Deck by @spirit.speak . And it Looks like what I’m creating is the ACE OF CUPS and I’m like, “Hell yes! I’m feeling good, I’m looki

DEATH or Don't Fear the Reaper

#soultarotchallenge Day 4: What new cycles are beginning in my life? Let me just see, what do we have here? DEATH!?!? Fuck. I don’t think I like this #tarotchallenge anymore. WTF things were going so good, I was on vacation drinking Shirley Temples minding my own business listening to Jimmy Buffet and reading sifi novels and now this grim reaper is scratching at my door. And I’m like “who is it?” And a voice like chalk is like “I’m here to fix your cable ma’m.” And, opening t

7 OF CUPS or Do You Want the New Wave or Do You Want The Truth?

#soultarotchallenge Day 3: “What am I letting go of at this time?” VII OF CUPS- This card talks about illusion in its many forms and I’m like: "Sweet I can totally let go of illusion, awesome!” Then I start thinking of the illusions that are comforting to me, like Instagram for example. I don’t want to delete my account and just check all the way out, I just started doing this really cool #Tarotchallenge and I want to stay relevant. A wise person once told me some shit, they

THE QUEEN OF STIX or Yaaaas Queen, Get Lit!

#soultarotchallenge Day 2: “My Medicine For February” THE QUEEN OF WANDS- Yaaaasss Queen! I see her first as an artist. I see her as one who is intent on cultivating her passion, her creativity, and her fire. I see her as an Ill sorceress holding it down with her familiar. I see her being committed to this way of being, to this fire keeping, art making, and this magical existence. I’m like fuuuck that’s my meds right there. And I’m hold up in my room with the wind and the rai

2 OF S-WORDS or How I Quit Looking For My Lost Container of Salt

#soultarotchallenge Day 1: IMBOLIC or What is blossoming in me at this time? Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. I was going to take a longer retirement, but I could never turn down a challenge. A big thanks to @wildsoulhealing for putting on this #tarotchallenge I was getting bored of my vacation anyway. So without further adieu Happy Imbolic I know that it probably doesn’t feel like it but today is the beginning of Pagan spring. So what’s blossoming in me r

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